Watching the sunset of social media’s (de)evolution has been an interesting experience. And one that has prompted the necessity to create alternative platforms. See you all on the other side ;)

A platform change is now necessary. Here’s why and where you can access this material going forward.

An overemphasis on Newtonian physics, Darwinian science and conventional healthcare produces diminishing economic returns. It’s time we turned to ourselves for viable alternatives. (image source:

Holistically healthy societies are critical as we build a new economy that reflects the capability of people to become their best selves.


image source:

A new way to frame systemic challenges and action solutions is coming right around the corner.

Germany’s run of hyperinflation in 1923 was one of the more pronounced foreshadowings of our current economic situation. (image source:

Economic fundamentals are straightforward. Now is the time to take matters into our own hands.


image source:

How medicinal herbs have effectively treated thousands of covid-19 patients in Chinese hospitals.


Where the spirit goes, energy flows, and emotions come undone, providing a backdrop for some of our most important inner work which involves intergenerational, integrated healing. (artwork: Gunther Sonnenfeld)

Mapping the dynamics of the spirit to emotions that drive our identities may be the greatest evolutionary pursuit humanity has in healing at this moment.


Exploring a core natural mechanic driving the new paradigm of living and working in resonance.

“Machinations and flow” by Gunther Sonnenfeld

3D science, technology and economics have muted our capabilities to see what’s possible beyond classical constructs. That is, until now.


Chaotic energy surrounds us in this moment. We have a choice to look inward and refocus it on pathways that are beneficial to ourselves and others. (artwork: Gunther Sonnenfeld)

External narratives focus on the battle between good versus evil. While the dynamic is certainly real, even more real are the possibilities that emerge when we focus on the love of ourselves and each other to conquer fear-based constructs in the mind.


If currencies and credit do not represent actual risks to the environment, then what is stable in any economy? photo source:

The financial dynamics at play in the largest transfer of wealth in history are significant. The question now is: For what exactly, and for whom?


Gunther Sonnenfeld

Quantum Systems .:. Co-Founder of RAIR .:. The ChangeUp Project .:. Board Chair of Abiogenesis .:. Author of “Our New Nature” .:. https:/

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