Mao and Washington. Being used a pawns in the greatest Ponzi scheme ever attempted.

How the manipulation of a cryptocurrency, the illegitimate pegging of a national currency, and a private war over resource control tell the story of a system on its way out. And with a bang.

These are wild times.

Between trade wars, proxy wars, currency wars and culture wars, we seem to be living in a scene out of the end of Babylon.

And for all intents and purposes, we are.

One might ask: What hell is really going on?

There are lots of speculators in the mix, waxing theoretical on “Bitcoin’s saving of the financial system”, a new cyber-calcavade involving China and the U.S., as well as rumblings about a duke-out with Russia.

Let’s dispense with the sensationalism and stick to logic, evidence and mechanics. …

If the inefficiencies of the current system have taught us anything, it’s that we can manage our own vitality.


Science is defined as a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

That universe can be your universe, or the universe.

Pottery stacks as lottery. Is this the end game, or the beginning for cryptographic forms of asset value? image source:

Cryptographic infrastructure development is taking flight (again), and this time it will reveal a lot about what asset ownership means for more people.


When Peercoin established itself in 2013 as the first “official” cryptocurrency with a hybrid PoS (proof of stake) and PoW (proof of work) model, we thought staking would then be revolutionized.

It wasn’t.

The idea was headed in the right direction, though.

Peercoin’s design to limit inflation would mean that the coin could incentivize users to hold coins earning modest interest in an energy efficient way. The initial benefits included a fairer and more equal mining system, more scalable transactions and less reliance on electricity.

It’s time for a movement that grounds itself in the first principles of proper natural resource management, based on real work in the real world.

Applied Regenerative Economics is an applied, interdisciplinary approach to building stable economies.

It involves three primary interdisciplinary functions:

+ the responsible use of natural resources (ecology)
+ the responsible allocations of natural capital (economics)
+ the responsible transfer & measurements of natural value (ecocommons)

All development is based on real work in the real world. No theories, just experiments and adaptations based on key learning.

To wit, all living things and all living beings drive economies, and are the products of economies.

Whether or not we become by-products of careless or dubious economic practices is ultimately up to us.



Addressing complex issues requires a new way of looking at systems as interdependent parts functioning on the behalf of the whole.


There are many theories and approaches for solving what people perceive to be problems and solutions.

If you haven’t noticed, not much of it ladders up to changes that are real or positive, let alone effective for larger segments of the population.

Cases in point: Financial systems that issue more debt and far less available credit for the “average” consumer. Environmental systems that attempt to control global or regional temperatures, which incur more costs to the biosphere. Social systems that try to control behaviors, but end up isolating more people on the basis of their collective identities.

And so on.

“Crimson Bloom” by Gunther Sonnenfeld

Our new nature is taking shape, for those with eyes to see, hearts to discover, and moral imaginations to activate.

This author received this from a friend just yesterday, and it is a very nice encapsulation of “what is going on” and “where we are headed”.

The Oracle Report

Friday, April 9, 2021

Hello Wise Owl -

Are you ready for the veils to be revealed? That’s what we have for New Astrological Year 2021, which begins Sunday, April 11, 2021, at 10:30 pm Eastern time.

New astrological years begin with the New Moon in Aries, every year. This is when the Sun and the Moon conjunct in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Because there are 30 degrees in each sign, there are 30 “themes”…

The first-ever photo of quantum entanglement. source:

The real science and math of the perceivable Universe is at our fingertips.


Human participation across the domains of science, technology and the environment presents a curious existential dilemma as technology accelerates beyond theoretical references such as Moore’s Law, and entertains “newer” postulates such as Metcalfe’s Law.

In short, we find ourselves contending not so much with binaries, bytes and bits per se, but the ease and convenience with which we use them, perhaps much to our own detriment.

Much debate has ensued over the role of technology with respect to civilization, particularly around artificial intelligence, and more recently, quantum computing.

In this sense, it is important to recognize that technology is a…

Removing the preconceptions about energy towards sensible transition planning for a stable future.


One of the important elements that environmentalists and economists tend not to realize is that energy consumption, of any type, plateaus as resource economics change.

With fossil fuels in particular, this means that certain necessities like fire, heat, food and water (primary elements for living) can be overlooked in terms of their role in balancing out certain ecologies.

In truth, crude and natural gas are not really “fossil fuels” as they are substances extracted from the earth, in their viscosity, to produce an artificial demand for their uses.

At the consumption level, for example, we all need heat, yet how…

Growing into self-love and self-responsibility is the key to a world worth living in.


Becoming a planetary custodian requires a great deal of maturity as a human being. It carries with it major responsibilities. We live in an immature world.

People tend to have low emotional IQs or damaged upbringings, and even worse, tend to be ruled by their emotions to the extent that they often make poor decisions, and project quite a lot of toxicity onto others.

We all suffer from generational trauma. We’ve all had traumatic experiences. The way we struggle in our interpersonal relationships is a direct reflection of how we treat the planet.

In this sense, personal immaturity is perhaps…

Metatron’s Cube. A synthesis of powerful universal geometry with which we can build and navigate the natural world.

Exploring the geometry of intelligence within us, and available to us for time immemorial, as we transition into a new paradigm of existence.


For the last 50 years or so, we have explored the mechanics of intelligence across the domains of science, technology, economics and the environment in an accelerated fashion.

In short, the mainstream emphasis specifically on artificial intelligence and biogenomics has led us down a strange path in terms of what we think we are capable of, and what we think is possible.

Artificial intelligence is clinically defined as:

  • The ability of a computer or other machine to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence.
  • The branch of computer science concerned with the development of machines having this…

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Quantum Systems Architect .:. CEO of RAIR .:. Partner at Novena .:. Author of “Our New Nature” .:.

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