Watching the sunset of social media’s (de)evolution has been an interesting experience. And one that has prompted the necessity to create alternative platforms. See you all on the other side ;)

A platform change is now necessary. Here’s why and where you can access this material going forward.

It’s a bittersweet end to 7 years of writing on this platform.

Like many people who simply wish to explore alternatives to life and work and share insights from their own developments, it has become abundantly clear that anything that challenges the status quo in these forms is shadow banned, censored, or in some cases, removed.

Now anyone who advertently or inadvertently goes against mainstream narratives is cast out. On many platforms, that is.

As you may have noticed, this has been happening for a while.

This author was anticipating “investigations” of his own material, and alas, they’ve begun.

An overemphasis on Newtonian physics, Darwinian science and conventional healthcare produces diminishing economic returns. It’s time we turned to ourselves for viable alternatives. (image source:

Holistically healthy societies are critical as we build a new economy that reflects the capability of people to become their best selves.


If it is not clear that the current “pandemic” has revealed to us major vulnerabilities in our economic system, to include healthcare, then what should be obvious is that we can do a lot better.

The scary part for many is that we can no longer rely on our institutions, our governments, and their patchwork policies, to do this for us.

For them, economics is a predatory game that now involves control over our health, and all biological life. This game is about profit that incurs untold costs on people and the environment.

There is no need to do this…

image source:

A new way to frame systemic challenges and action solutions is coming right around the corner.

Have you noticed that between the mainstream and alternative media there is very little in the way of framing problems and addressing solutions that is unique, positive and comprehensive?

As this author writes about what he actually does to help readers get a sense of what’s possible outside of the normal channels, it is also the case that an open format for directed dialogues seems absent from our daily diet of information.

So he’s decided to start a different kind of videocast with a friend and fellow entrepreneur, Lance Schuttler, to do just that.

Germany’s run of hyperinflation in 1923 was one of the more pronounced foreshadowings of our current economic situation. (image source:

Economic fundamentals are straightforward. Now is the time to take matters into our own hands.


Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management said the US government and Fed used COVID as an excuse to introduce MMT (modern monetary theory) but all the money printing is not leading to a rise in interest rates, so we will get deflation.

Yusko thinks stocks — particularly the FAANGs — will blow up because the Fed pumped them up with stimulus money: “Ultimately, volatility is rising like a tightly coiled spring. When it goes down, FAANGs will bite.”

This is an incomplete truth.

Monetary deflation, which has occurred since the Fed has been printing funny money since 1913, happens…

image source:

How medicinal herbs have effectively treated thousands of covid-19 patients in Chinese hospitals.


The plant cures for SARS-CoV-2 have already been designed for natural consumption, prepared through evolutionary processes and synthesized by nature itself.

More than 85 percent of covid-19 patients in China have been successfully treated using medicinal plants that have been studied extensively in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

During the 2003 SARS epidemic, The National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China studied hundreds of medicinal herbs and their principal constituents. These traditional medicines were also utilized in the covid-19 treatment guidelines for treating hospitalized patients.

On February 17, Chinese health officials reported that all 60,107 cases…

Where the spirit goes, energy flows, and emotions come undone, providing a backdrop for some of our most important inner work which involves intergenerational, integrated healing. (artwork: Gunther Sonnenfeld)

Mapping the dynamics of the spirit to emotions that drive our identities may be the greatest evolutionary pursuit humanity has in healing at this moment.


One of the pervasive themes the explorations in this publication endeavors to offer is the choice we have to live lives of freedom and solidarity.

It is not an easy choice.

As nothing good comes without great sacrifice, nothing meaningful or dignified comes without sacrificing what otherwise might be good, truthful and beautiful.

Energetically, we experience this in forms of polarity. The mind perceives this experience as duality. The conflicts we undergo between sides (ex: political) and extremes (ex: cultural narratives) show us something other than what we expect to encounter in our daily lives and routines.

They key is…

Exploring a core natural mechanic driving the new paradigm of living and working in resonance.

n. The act or process of regenerating or the state of being regenerated, especially.

n. Regrowth of lost or destroyed parts or organs.

n. Spiritual or moral revival or rebirth.

v. To regenerate natural elements, and natural states of being, in synchronicity or alignment with living ecosystems as a function of bridging the etheric (spiritual) with the physical in an embodiment of whole systems.


As emphasized in previous posts, economics has been historically treated as a discipline of moving matter around in static measurements.

Natural resources are extracted from the earth, they are packaged into products, labor is commodified, money…

“Machinations and flow” by Gunther Sonnenfeld

3D science, technology and economics have muted our capabilities to see what’s possible beyond classical constructs. That is, until now.


What do you anticipate happening for the foreseeable future?

Have you given it much thought?

Envisioned what it might look like?

Embraced it?

Planned for it?

There’s a lot to consider, and of course, a lot to do.

It’s safe to say that whatever we might imagine, will also surprise us as it actualizes in the experience of our everyday lives.

This is not a bad thing per se, it’s just unpredictable and indeterminable.

Conventional science, technology and economics mostly tell us otherwise.

Futurists like to craft narratives around utopic or dystopic paths. Most of them are very good at…

Chaotic energy surrounds us in this moment. We have a choice to look inward and refocus it on pathways that are beneficial to ourselves and others. (artwork: Gunther Sonnenfeld)

External narratives focus on the battle between good versus evil. While the dynamic is certainly real, even more real are the possibilities that emerge when we focus on the love of ourselves and each other to conquer fear-based constructs in the mind.


It is not easy being human at a time when fear tries to consume us at every turn.

It is also not easy when we are forced to look inward at what inhibits us from being our true selves.

This author has written a lot about the connections between consciousness and science. It’s an attempt to help map out what drives our decisions, and help us see the alternatives in a world that makes little if any sense.

Our minds often provide us with our own prisons. Intellectualizing phenomena (something this author has a great tendency to do himself) is…

If currencies and credit do not represent actual risks to the environment, then what is stable in any economy? photo source:

The financial dynamics at play in the largest transfer of wealth in history are significant. The question now is: For what exactly, and for whom?


Capitalism is still championed by many to be the one thing that drives economic growth in what is considered to be the free world.

Of course, capital can be used for good or ill purposes.

When capital is used for the ill-gotten gains of growth, we run into many problems, as we do now.

When capital is used for the misdirected aims of growth not amortized as calculated risk, or natural risk, we run into many problems, as we do now.

We do not have to do away with capital (not yet at least). We do not have to blame…

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Quantum Systems Architect .:. CEO of RAIR .:. Partner at Novena .:. Author of “Our New Nature” .:.

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